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A magical, joyous experience with
The Lady of the Rainbow where children participate in her unfolding story and uplifting songs!
While echoing her words in Smile And See, the children learn about the wonderful echo effect of smiling and being kind. Everyone has an exhilarating experience lifting a rainbow parachute with The Lady of the Rainbow, while she inspires them to Brightly Color Every Day by being a good person, finding happiness, and spreading it to others.
Using vivid hand and body movement, they feel the momentum and joy of growing and learning in The Tree of Life, an uplifting song focusing on believing in yourself, taking one step at a time, and reaching out to one another.

Skipping, clapping and spinning in a procession, the children follow The Lady of the Rainbow and realize that they shouldn’t worry about making mistakes because That’s How We Grow.
Every child plays a musical instrument during It’s Up To You, a song that reinforces character values and making the most of every day.
The audience is taken on a magical journey with children from around the world. Dancing and using colorful props, the children delight in a multicultural experience in several songs which encourage the joy of sharing and being connected to each other. During the song All Hearts United, each line is sung in a different language while the children learn hand motions that convey each message.



April 22, 2013

“The Lady of the Rainbow” graced my kindergarten Daisy troop with a visit this Fall.  It was by far, the best program I have seen for Girl Scout Daisies.  My scouts were completely enthralled with Karen, her book and the gorgeous props she brought with her.  The rainbow lights she had dancing around the room were just magical.  As a leader and mother, I was absolutely inspired by the positive messages in the program and soothing tones that were used during the performance.  I have told my Girl Scout association about Karen and the wonderful program she brings to meetings.  I cannot wait to have her back, my girls have been asking ever since!  The only thing I will do different this time is have a longer meeting so we can enjoy more of “In your Heart Lives a Rainbow”.  I wholeheartedly recommend this program.  Karen has a gift and we are blessed she is sharing it with us and our scouts.

-Michelle Zangari, Troop #810

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March 13, 2012

Hi Karen,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful show that you presented last Friday at our Association PJ Party.  The girls loved it!  I had many Troop Leaders contact me and thank me for having you at the event.  They loved the message that you impart in your songs and stories.  One Leader even told me that she overheard her daughter telling a younger sibling about the lessons that she learned from your show.  Thank you and keep spreading your self esteem messages!


Herricks Association of Girl Scouts

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February 5, 2011

Dear Karen,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the “In Your Heart Lives a Rainbow” presentation you performed at our Brownie meeting.  The girls absolutely loved it.  You kept the girls attention and participation for over an hour. And that’s not easy with 7 year olds!  They still talk about your costume, the props and the wonderful music.  As you know two of the girls ordered your book and CD.  The lessons of kindness, respect and sharing were presented in such a beautiful way.

My daughter Regan is so looking forward to you performing at her First Communion on May 9th.

You are a very special person and it shows through in all that you do.


Daphne R. Mullaly

Brownie Troop Leader #3275